Date: Friday, April 18, 2014
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We handle your company's JPAS administration so that your people can handle classified information while supporting government contracts.

We professionally administer your JPAS account, mentor your people through the eQIP process and fingerprints as needed, and secure their clearances.

We manage your PSM net, bring new-hires into your account, initiate new security clearances and Periodic Re-investigations, and do your classified visit requests (VARs).

We provide and track DoD-required annual refresher security training for each of your cleared employees.

We mentor your FSO through your scheduled Defense Security Service inspection and provide necessary reports and information from JPAS for those inspections.

We provide information on all aspects of the Industrial Security Program (classified programs).


  • A short discussion on the phone will quickly determine if our services meet your needs.
  • There is no hard sell.
  • Call 801.510-1404 (MST)    



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We help your employees work through the eQIP input of information, sending in fingerprint cards, getting the SF312 signed, and providing on-line training for your employees. When DSS is inspecting, we provide all of the backup reports from JPAS and support any additional requests

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