Date: Tuesday, December 01, 2015
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We help cleared facilities in 3 significant ways as you work with government contracts. They are:
  1. JPASpros - supporting all JPAS administration;
  2. ISTpros - providing annual refresher and derivative marking training; and
  3. INSPECTpros - providing the FSO with the required, on-line self-inspection so that your people can handle classified information while supporting government contracts.

Our three services are available to your cleared facility either as a complete package or individually. We ease the burden of Facility Security Officers. We do that by saving the FSO time, saving the company money, and by managing your industrial security in a timely manner, helping your company excel by meeting or exceeding the industrial security requirements of the NISPOM.
Our service has been tested and found strong in over 8 years of service to over 65 small and medium sized companies.

We provide information on all aspects of the Industrial Security Program (classified programs).


  • A short discussion on the phone will quickly determine if our services meet your needs.
  • There is no hard sell.
  • Call 801.510-1404 (MST)    
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